PixelSashay In Your Ears


Jun 012017


Who is PixelSashay? What is there worth knowing about PixelSashay? Well, I am a producer first then everything else after. My music production journey started in 2005 while I was listening to a dancehall instrumental and writing a song. Right before this however, I use to write songs to popular instrumentals from other artists before I started or knew how to produce my own music. At the time this was just a hobby and I merely did it for fun. I quite enjoyed the process of writing songs to instrumentals and just listening to myself.

I was always fascinated with music & sound in general which often peaked my curiosity. For me there was always something to learn or know about it but I could never seem to get close enough to it. Beat ideas, melodies and weird sounds were constantly going through my head but were never recorded.

However, on this particular day ‘The Salsa Riddim’ produced by Christopher Birch which I was listening to at the time took my attention away from the song that I was writing. The entire rhythm just captivated & impressed me. It impressed me so much, that I wanted to know who made the instrumental, how people made music, what software they used, how could I start producing & from there the questions & quest began. I was excited to say the least.

A couple days later a friend hooked me up with the demo version of Fruity Loops 3 then a couple weeks later introduced me to Reason 3.
Opening up Fruity Loops for the first time was like opening gifts on Christmas morning then when I saw Reason it was Christmas multiplied by infinite lol. It was around this time that I made the switch to Reason completely as my main DAW production wise.

Finally, I had software to make music & that alone was even more motivating & made me feel like I was in a real studio you know, like I had music production on lock! Ha ha . . . as I look back on it now, it’s quite funny in a cheesy way but I’m sure other producers out there could relate especially with that PRODUCER STARTER KIT lol. Even though the faders & knobs were intimidating at first it was also very exciting, inspiring & therapeutic in many ways.

From 2005 I officially starting producing & by producing I mean making hundreds of cheesy, wack sounding instrumentals but, that was the beginning of the learning curve, finding my style, sound & what I enjoyed most. In 2010 I took production & music in general on a serious level where I started to consider & embrace the idea of producing as a full-time career. From then, I started to invest in my music & myself as a producer. I did plenty of research about some of everything; from DAWs, audio engineering, marketing, branding & occasionally, I would also visit a few studios to sit in on sessions to just watch & learn.

Throughout the years I’ve been able to compose many genres from Dancehall, Reggae, Soca, Hip Hop, R&B & more. Even though Dancehall & Hip Hop may seem to be my forte, I’ve experimented with Dubstep, Azonto, EDM & other genres which you will be hearing as time goes on. I’ve learned a lot since 2005 & I make it my priority to continue learning through maturity, growth & paying attention to music in general, from most requested music style, most popular genre etc & I do this for most & many genres.

On a side note though, to all aspiring producers, artists & individuals. There was a point in time when I use to think in order to be at the top one had to be born into the top. I also use to think that I couldn’t be a producer because I needed to attend a music college, have a degree or have a link to a big shot who worked in a mega studio.

Anyways, I quickly figured out creativity & raw talent are things that can be cultivated & as they are cultivated you can learn & add to what you already know. I see that as having the best of both worlds. Naturally gifted talent is great no doubt but, the reward of having to create & sculpt your own talent could be a bit more gratifying in the end just knowing that you made something that wasn’t there before into existence.

I said all of that to say this. Do not ever let fear or what another person tells you intimidate you to the point it stops or cripples you from being what you want to be, or doing what you want to do. Only you should know how to be you. I will also say this, open up yourself for criticism but don’t be bitter. Step out of your comfort zone & experience what real freedom of living & creativity feels like.
As I continue to make progress honing my skills & talent as a producer, artist & audio engineer I make it one of my top priorities to produce the best work 100% always with great quality & professionalism. Mediocrity is not a friend of mine.

PixelSashay In Your Ears